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    Design for the Chanin Building, New York City

  2. http://inhabitat.com/innovative-biocellar-recycles-abandoned-housing-into-centers-for-urban-farming-in-cleveland/

    This urban farming center is built upon the foundation of an old house since demolished.  This project could actually work!

  3. Downtown Cleveland, 1930’s.  This picture is just gorgeous!

  5. Villa Emo, Fanzolo, Palladio, 1599.  This house is one of the most characteristic of Palladio in Veneto, outside of Venice.  His villa is disguised as a temple and the portico elevates the plan to a larger scale as a site instead of just a house.  I like the dovecotes for the bookends.

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    Centro Cinematográfico de México, Av División del Norte 2462, Portales, Benito Juárez, México DF 1957

    Arq. Manuel Rosen Morrison

    Mexico Film Center, Portales, Mexico City 1957

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  7. Palazzo Porto - Palladio.  This building was started but unfinished due to the lack of family finances.  I think it’s one of his most interesting dwellings because its a little shard of monumental architecture that is so unlike its simpler context.

  8. Reconstruction and Analysis of Ionic Order following Palladio by Francois Blondel’s Cours d’Archtecture, Paris 1682 or 1698.  It is truly a talent for one to be able to construct a diagram of information as artfully as this.  I feel tiny when I see this.

  9. Because

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    East Ohio Gas Building

    Cleveland, Ohio

    Modern 21 story office building at Superior Ave. and East 9th St.  Erected in 1958 at a cost of $10,000,000.

    Cheers to urban redevelopment.  I’m not sure if this is what Cleveland wanted or needed to build to replace its bleeding oil and steel industry but this building seems to be more than just a glorified tissue box.  Its not a Mies piece but its a worthy copy in an area trying to patch itself together among the parking lots.

    Regardless of the aesthetically charged opinions of this building, if all goes well this will be converted into downtown apartments.  A high demand for this type of zoning is making it more appealing for apartments to be converted instead of demolished.  This is the reverse of a long true culture of demolision before remodeling that I am so happy to be welcoming to Cleveland.

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  11. Riverside Museum, Glasgow Scotland, 2011 - Zaha Hadid:  Under construction, clearly.

  12. Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scotland, 2011 - Zaha Hadid.

  13. Zaha Hadid - Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scottland.  2011.

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    Antonio Sant’Elia