1. Beware - Death Grips.  The most humanist song I’ve ever heard.  Never die.

  2. Stars of the Lid - Austin Texas Mental Hospital, on The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid, 2001.  

    I’m in a really neutrally content mood right now.


  3. If you like M83, you’ll love this band, The Naked and Famous.

    (Source: Spotify)


  4. A brief thought about music.

    I was having a brief convo with my friend aboot music. She is of the opinion that there is no “bad” music, just music that people like and hate. I see her point but I politely disagree. There is definitely bad music that has been made. (ex Salina Gomez) To ‘prove’ her point she says that she doesn’t like “my” music but that doesn’t make it bad. (In my head I’m thinking) It doesn’t make it bad music because its not bad music. Her favorite band is the Beatles anything on the radio. I think she was half expecting a reaction from me but I politely acknowledged the fact that I know we are on two planes of musical sense.  If I wanted her to like the music I listen to, I’d have to go back 7 years when I listened to The Who and anything on the classic rock station.  I still like The Who but I’ve explored it for now and I’ve moved on.  That’s one thing that differs between me and the average person:  I listen to music, explore it, internalize it, and move on to another band or genre.  It’s never been about what’s popular. What she doesn’t realize is that I do like some music like she likes, I appreciate a wide variety, I don’t have one genre that I box myself into.  I could tailor a playlist from my itunes exactly for her and she would then like my sense of music.  I guess the point of this story is that I don’t think its the differences in musical preferences that divides people over music, its how the thought process behind it that differs, and where people are in musical maturity.

    I feel like I am so much more comfortable with music than with the Architecture that I’m going to school for.  I’m sensing a gap forming and it might be time for a change.